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Beautiful Creatures - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia This book COULD HAVE BEEN really good, which made it so disappointing. I love the concept- that Lena is a caster who's family is cursed so she doesn't know if her powers will be light or dark until she turns 16. That her family is dark and mysterious and live in a huge shady mansion. I even loved that it took place in the South, where small towns can still be a little backwards. What I didn't love, and what eventually ruined the book for me was Ethan- the main character. I see how the authors were trying to be anti-Twilight by making the main character a boy, but really? A 16 year old boy who is supposedly a basketball star, yet there is no information given about basketball but every cheer leader and their position on the squad is thoroughly described?? Why would Ethan, a sixteen year old boy, know or care about the cheer leaders positions? Hopefully the authors rethink some of that in the next few books...

Not only was Ethan a cheer leading expert, he was also a whiny bitch. And the love story between him and Lena became so sappy and nauseating, my favorite part was when they broke up- until they got back together a few pages later (after some more whining).

I'm sure that when I was fifteen I probably would have loved this book, and I have yet to see the movie but the trailer looks bad ass and I can't wait!