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A Perfect Blood - Kim Harrison I'm so hooked on this series that I finished this book in two days instead of studying for my veterinary theriogenology exam. It was worth it. The Hollows books are much more interesting than horse vaginas and ruptured bull penises any day. In this book Rachel discovers that there's a species even more vile than demons…humans. Ignorant, power hungry humans.

This book was not my favorite of the series, probably because the first 2/3rds were so frustrating and stressful (on top my exam stress) while Rachel wore her magic elf bracelet that hid her from the demons and disconnected her to any demon or line magic. Everyone keeps trying to tell Rachel that it's a bad idea and she should take it off, but she's too scared of Al's reaction? Killing people? I'm not really sure what she was afraid off but she was being stubborn Rachel and refused to do it. And of course she ended up in a nightmare situation. Luckily, she has good friends to help her and even made a new one in Winona (who I hope will be returning to the series in the next books, I really liked her). I loved the last 1/3rd, after she took the bracelet off, and an ending which fulfilled my now very high expectations for the series.

I'm very intrigued by Rachel and Trent's relationship, especially after the steamy ending in Pale Demon, but Trent/Rachel fans will be very disappointed in this book. Rachel spends quite a lot of time ogling Trent and reminiscing about their kiss but that's about it...for now...I hope? And fans of Al will also be disappointed as with her elven bracelet, he is basically only featured in two chapters.