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Roots: Four Strangers, One Destiny: 1 (Witchbound) - Kelbian Noel I received this book in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.

While this book wasn't bad, there wasn't much about it that stands out in the long line of paranormal romance books. Roots is the first in the Witchbound Series about a teenage girl who discovers that she and her Wiccan family are actually truly magical witches when her brother falls in love with an evil witch and she tries to rescue him.

First and foremost, I wish every author knew the difference between they're and their- especially authors publishing independently.

Second, the magic described in this book was weird to me. It is indicated many times that the magic is simple, where Baltimore Land, the main character who is a super-powerful "Elemental" witch could basically do anything she wanted with her magic and write spells off the top of her head. Then when things are actually described, the process is very complicated and includes candles, pentagrams, knives, salt circles, chants, sacrifices, and many other things which don't imply simplicity at all. Baltimore is also never really taught anything, the most they do is tell her to sit in a room by herself and write spells from her dreams.

All in all, I found a lot of things just weren't very well explained. The text is very dialogue heavy so the confusing themes don't hinder the pace until you get to paragraphs where something actually happens. I'm not sure to whom I would recommend this book. As a romance, the love story is weak and disappointing. This might, however, be a good book for teens who are old enough to handle the violence.