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Inferno - Dan Brown When I first read the DaVinci Code back in high school, I was so enthralled I fought carsickness on a nine hour drive from Detroit to Minneapolis because I simply could not stop reading it. Dan Brown's books are so interesting and captivating with their mingling of history, art, and science and this addition to the series did not disappoint.

As a student in the medical field, I was very much drawn to Dr. Sienna Brooks, Robert Langdon's "sidekick" in this story. And as I also have a degree in evolutionary biology, I was delighted that the science aspect of this book was related to topics I have studied and can relate to, such as virology, genetic engineering, and Earth's looming overpopulation crisis.

This book begins quite differently from the others as it starts off with Langdon waking up in a Florence hospital with amnesia after being shot in the head. He then has to work backwards to solve the mystery he has already been working on and escape the mysterious team of agents trying to kill him before he does so. There is the usual touring of famous cathedrals and museums, clues hidden in paintings and literature, and of course, multiple plot twists at the end to keep readers on their toes.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed the DaVinci Code or Angels and Demons or anyone who enjoys mysteries in general.