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Vixen - Jillian Larkin Vixen was a big ball of disappointment with a pretty cover. The story is split into three, as it is told from the three different view points of Gloria, Clara, and Lorraine. Oh, and it also takes place in 1920s Chicago. Without the slang, flapper dresses, gin, and gangsters the story basically could've been set in any time or place. I did enjoy the vivid descriptions of the dresses and parties, which was obviously very well researched, but in the end it became annoying how unrelated it really was to the plot.

As to the three main characters- I really wish there had only been one: Clara. Hers was the only part of the book worth reading. Both Gloria and Lorraine were selfish, immature, vapid, and predictable.
Gloria's chapters may have had the most action as hers is the tale of a forbidden love with a young black piano player. Despite endless descriptions of her feelings for Jerome, their romance was empty. Without any real reason for loving him besides his beautiful hands, I was given the impression that the only reason Gloria did love Jerome was that he was black and forbidden. If young adult authors are going to keep writing books about "forbidden love" I wish they would at least make them original or give the characters more substance.

Still, the book was a quick and easy read. I would recommend it for fans of young adult "romance" or readers who like historical fiction.