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A Hidden Fire - Elizabeth   Hunter How to write a vampire love story:

1. Take a man who is perfect in every imaginable way and make him a vampire.
2. Add sociopathic, obsessive, and possessive traits to said perfect man.
3. Add a girl who is boring, plain, over emotional, and kinda stupid, and have vampire "fall in love" with her for apparently no reason.
4. Vampire stalks and obsesses over her, but it's okay because he's a vampire not a person.
5. Call it love.

This story was just another version of Twilight or A Discovery of Witches in which there's a vampire, a dumb girl, and a long line of useless extra characters that do nothing for the plot, because there really is no plot- it's a vampire love story. This book tries to be a little different with the mystery of finding old books...oh wait, that was the storyline to A Discovery of Witches.

Gah, I'm just so sick of all these paranormal romances with such weak heroines. Why does a girl have to be stupid and useless for someone to love her?

In addition, the writing style did nothing to add to my opinion of this book. I almost put it down after the first 30 or so pages because I knew immediately it was not for me. I don't understand why there are so many flashbacks, and some that take you back to just hours before. It's like moving two steps forward and one step back each chapter, which is incredibly frustrating.

If you hated A Discovery of Witches don't read this book. If you loved it then go ahead and enjoy another book that's exactly the same. If you're expecting hot vampire sex, don't read this book, the naked guy on the cover is a lie. This is apparently the first book in a series, so maybe the next book gets better...I won't be finding out.