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Secrets of a Mayan Moon - Paty Jager The first half of this book is definitely worthy of a better rating than 2/5 stars but the ending was so disappointing that it ruined my opinion of the entire book.

To begin, Secrets of a Mayan Moon is a romance/mystery taking place in the Guatemalan jungle when anthropologist Dr. Isabella Mumphrey is offered an irresistible opportunity to interpret ancient Mayan artifacts and earn cash to fund her floundering department. Once there she meets Tino Kosta, a spy for the Guatemalan government working to take down the drug traffickers and avenge his family's murder. Tino pretends to be Isabella's guide in order to find a way into the archeological dig where Isabella will be working, which also happens to be near a "narco" nest. Despite their differences and backgrounds, Tino and Isabella form a friendship which VERY quickly becomes a romance, and discover their goals are not entirely different, especially once scandals in the archeologist's community are unearthed and they realize the scientists and the narcos might not be mutually exclusive.

At the beginning, the book is very intriguing. There is excitement, action, romance, sexual tension, and enough mystery to keep readers turning pages. In the middle, however, the book starts to take a downhill turn. I think it's about the point that Isabella starts getting emotional over the ceremony chamber, when her "Mayan ancestry" starts making her hear voices and feel like crying whenever she enters the room.

After that, the book straddles the fence between non-magic and ancestral magic weirdness without really picking a side or giving an explanation. This is also the point where the clear plot structure starts to muddle with lots of repetitiveness, running through caves with penlights, and people obsessing over whether or not Isabella is still a virgin…Also, I should add that I really struggled to connect with Isabella. She's described as amazingly intelligent, beautiful, skinny with a high metabolism so she can eat anything she wants, which is really enough reason to hate her lol, but she's also annoyingly lacking in the common sense department.

In summary, this book was ok. I will not be reading the sequel and likely not to recommend this book to anyone.