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Death and the Girl Next Door - Darynda Jones This book was a lot better than I expected. I was very impressed by the writing style and especially the witty banter between the three main characters. There were lines that had me laughing hysterically. But there were two big reasons why I didn't like it and are keeping me from giving this book more stars.

Death and the Girl Next Door is the story of fifteen-year-old Lorelei who's life is basically normal and boring until she meets the new kid in school, Jared, who is beautiful and manly and mysterious and has Lorelei falling in love at first sight. Then she finds out he's not really what he seems and has a dark supernatural past….sound familiar? Reason #1 is that there wasn't anything new or all that creative in the story line. Jared's an angel, not a vampire, and he's an angel of death not your typical heavenly guardian angel…but still…The writing is exceptional with an average plot that did not impress me. There were some surprises and plot twists, especially at the end (which I assume is to keep readers following the series) but even those didn't grip me.

Reason #2 is that I found it almost too "teen-ish" which is super unfair of me since this book is clearly labelled as Young Adult. It's not the author's fault that I'm 24 years old and still reading books for high schoolers. Whatever. But…it's not like people put down Harry Potter and say, "Oh, I didn't like it because it was about kids." My point is, there are amazing Young Adult books out there for readers of all ages and this is not one of them. Leave this one for the high schoolers. Unless you want to read about 50 pages worth of Lorelei and her best friend Brooklyn describing how perfect Jared is and shape of his muscles.

On the other hand, I think high school girls everywhere who have only ever read Twilight and Harry Potter will think this book is brilliant and I will be sure to recommend it to them!