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The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa 1. It really bothers me that the woman on the cover isn't Asian. Did the publishers think they'd make more sales with a Caucasian woman on the front? I just don't like it.

2. Besides the cover, this book is awesome! I know that this book is just another in the long line of young adult vampire books that stemmed from Twilight, but I really wish I had the capability to somehow go back in time, rip all of the Twilight copies off the shelves of young impressionable girls (including seventeen-year-old me) and replace them all with this book. This is the vampire book people should be reading.

This book portrays vampires as they should be- monsters. They're not pretty, romantic, or sparkly- they're cruel, vicious, and murderous. Thank you Julie Kagawa, putting the mythical creatures back where they belong. There's nothing romantic about falling in love with something that wants to kill you and it's not the message girls should be getting.

The story starts off from the first person point of view of Allison, a sixteen-year-old Unregistered living among gangs of poor kids on the outskirts of a Vampire City. The Unregistered are basically homeless and starving as they are not protected and fed by the vampires who rule the city and treat the humans basically like cattle. Allison refers to the other people in the city as human cattle multiple times and the concept is so intriguing, especially when you look at it from the agriculture side. Unlike beef cows, Allison doesn't have a herd mentality- she wants to rebel, find a way out, and bring back humanity to a world that has none. But, unfortunately, she dies.

But she didn't die alone and a vampire was there to give her another option. With a desperate desire to live, she makes the conscious decision to survive by becoming what she hates most in the world. Her struggle to let go of her past, embrace her new strengths, and retain some part of her human soul puts this book miles ahead of any other young adult vampire book out there. Yes, there's a romance, but no, it's not a perfect "insta-love," it's sad and almost heartbreaking- like a love story between a monster and a human should be. Even as a monster Allison fights for what she believes in and does not let anything get in the way. She is the role model I wish would kick Bella Swan's ass.

You should read this book if you like books about vampires and are sick of the Twilight fanatics. I truly hope all of the Twilight fans read this book and realize there's better vampire literature out there.