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The Rush (The Siren, #1)

The Rush (The Siren, #1) - Rachel Higginson This book may be a perfect description (and by that I mean lengthy and drawn out) of experiencing your first real crush. Ivy Pierce is a siren (oops sorry, that's supposed to be a surprise twist...except the title of the series is Siren and it's pretty obvious so I don't feel bad for ruining it for you). And she's also a sixteen year old girl trying to make it through high school and graduate so she can get out of dodge before her mother and super creepy godfather make her join their siren cult to destroy men's lives. Unlike the other modern day sirens, Ivy has a soul and feels bad about crushing the heart and soul of every boy she meets. Then she meets a boy who's immune to her powers and realizes she can have a chance at true love and pretty much throws all of her goals out the window...of course.

What I liked about this book
-Parts of the prose were actually very beautiful and really impressed me. The writing was way better than what I have come to expect from YA romance novels.
-Ryder's really hot
-The concept of a siren who wants to change is actually pretty cool.

What I didn't like about this book:
-OMG way too long. Even quick conversations took 3-4 pages because after every comment there's a paragraph about what Ivy thinks or feels about it. Dear Author, we're readers, not idiots. You can give us some credit.
-Repetition. Ivy's feelings and emotions rarely changed throughout the novel but we had to read about them multiple times.
-Plot holes. I'm still not convinced that Ivy couldn't escape. Besides Nix being evil (the word evil is literally stated every time Ivy thinks about or mentions him), I'm not sure what/if anything would have happened to her if she'd just run away every time she thought about running away/every time someone offered to help her run away...
-The ending. Come on. This book would have been immensely better if the conflict had been resolved and readers received a satisfying ending.

Who I would recommend this book for:
-People who like reading about high school drama.
-Anyone who actually enjoys their paranormal/fantasies watered down with high school romance.