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Undercurrents (Summer Westin Series #3)

Undercurrents (Summer Westin Series #3) - Pamela Beason I received this book in a Goodreads first reads giveaway.

I originally entered the giveaway for this book because of my new obsession with the television show River Monsters, and the host Jeremy Wade, who travels to awesome exotic places in discovery of amazing exotic, sometimes dangerous, species. Therefore, I was expecting this book to be full of adrenaline-filled shark encounters, near death experiences, and a protagonist who's not afraid of anything. I was not disappointed. The main character, Sam Westin, is a wildlife biologist and free-lance reporter who is hired by a corporation to travel to the Galapagos and not only write entertaining blog pieces about the culture and environment, but to also assist Natural Planet Foundation marine biologist, Dan Kazaki, in an ecological study. Unfortunately for Sam, publicity and a study that could implicate illegal over-fishing and poorly regulating government & police systems are exactly what the locals don't want...and are willing to risk anything to prevent it.

Instead of river monsters, Sam finds human monsters, willing to use violence to keep their illegal dealings and poaching activities thriving. Though the sharks in the Galapagos are "friendly", with Sam caught between a murder investigation and trying to finish the job she and Dan were sent there to do, this book makes for a very intriguing and educational read.